Chem Film

Three small hexagons stuck together.
In Clear, Gold and EU Compliant Tri-Chromate and Non-Chrome. Conforming to Mil Standards:   MIL-DTL-5541F and MIL-STD-171F

Chem Film, (also known as Chromate Conversion, Alodine or Iridite) is a chemical conversion coating used as a corrosion inhibitor and/or to improve adhesion of paint finishes and other coatings. It also serves as a base for organic coatings while leaving dimensions unchanged. However, chem film provides less corrosion resistance than other finishes such as anodizing.
The classification of chem film per MIL-DTL-5541F is determined by the exposure time of the aluminum part to the chemical film solution. Darker yellow coatings are created by spending more time in the solution which creates greater corrosion protection.

CHT offers both hexavalent chem film and trivalent, RoHS (hex-free), chem film. ROHS chem film is a more environmentally friendly option to produce a protective conversion coating on aluminum as it does not contain Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury or PBB/PBDE compounds.

CHT provides the following

Type I Gold (Class 1A and Class 3) – Hexavalent
Type II RoHS Compliant (Class 1A and Class 3) – Hexavalent-free

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